Monday, 9 April 2018

Ugh, work just gets in the way of running!

Well, to be more accurate, gets in the way of writing about running... sorry about that.

I was always skeptical that I could break any personal bests at 51 years old, and 10 years after getting into middle distance running in a serious way.  But Keith insisted that it would happen, and was confident enough to assert that "if you don't, you'll be the first"!

So 8 weeks ago, at the British Master's Athletic Federation indoor t&f championship, I broke my all time indoor 800m time, with a 2:07.64.  I've had a number of 2:08's before, but this is the first time I've gone under that mark.  And I don't even like the indoors!

That time was not good enough to take the MV50 title like I had done last year.  But it was a much more rewarding race in that I had friends Adrian Haines and Gary Burnett, and the brilliant newcomer Dominic Bokor-Ingram to race with this year.  We all finished within 2.5s of Adrian's 2:05.08, and I just managed to hold off Gary for the bronze.

Roll on the summer!


  1. You passed me today at Eastleigh parkrun at the 4km point. You Strava profile reminded me of this blog which I binge read last year. Good to catch up. How is summer going? Racing at the World Masters?

  2. Hi Russell.
    No I'm not going to the Worlds in Malaga, as I've spent the summer nursing my first ever presentation of Achilles tendonitis. Actually, I've secretly been enjoying the year off, running slower and off-road in just shorts and a vest thanks to our glorious weather!

    The plan is to go into the winter base training uninjured, which looks achievable. It may be slow, but I've hit 200km in August, and feeling stronger each week. The lungs have shrunk though!

    Thanks for your kind words. See you soon