Sunday, 31 January 2016

Here's the latest video capture, thanks to Steve Marcer for, erm, capturing it!

The handlebar mount on the bike didn't work as even with soft-ish tyres, there was too much vibration coming up through the forks.  But holding the iPhone was easier in a number of ways.  This is a 240 frames per second device, which I'm very lucky to have.

I'm not too impressed!  There's still a way to go!  I'm still landing in front too much

This clip is 55s long, and about half way it slows down, then pauses.  I paused the clip as my big toe meets the track (so the foot is load bearing), then draw a line to show the remaining over extension.

It's no where near as bad as it used to be, but I need to get back to the drills!  I've neglected the drills over the past 6 or 7 weeks, since my metatarsal stress fractured.

This clip was taken at 5km pace (about 3:30 to 3:45/km).