Sunday, 8 November 2015

Breakthrough ... albeit a small one!!

This mornings run marks the 7th in 7 days.  All of them 20 mins or less.  All of them at an easy pace.

This was in marked difference to the previous 10 to 12 weeks, where I had been running every two or three days, but trying to make up for the gaps by running harder or longer than I should have.

So, this week was like calming things down, taking advantage of the things I'd learned (consciously and subconsciously), and really concentrating on landing under the hips.

And the last 2 or three days really feel like I've cracked it.  Everything is going very smoothly.  And all the aches and pains have gone (aches and pains brought on by trying to run too hard using muscles that just weren't ready for it yet).

So, more of the same next week.  And the week after. And the week after.  In fact I think I'll keep going - easy short and frequent - for the month of November, perhaps letting myself go for up to 30 mins by the end of the month.  But certainly no speed work or tempo runs for now!

Very happy