Thursday, 22 June 2017

I'm now well into my first summer of speed since starting the gait change journey, with some interesting observations.

I've run a couple more 800m, the best of which was a 2:06.2 as a guest at a Southern Athletics League (SAL) match.  Whilst it's a seasons best, I was hoping to be at the low 2:05 by now.  2:06.2 is only 0.3s faster than 5 weeks ago (2:06.54 at the Hampshire County Champs).

However....! .... and here's the point of this post.

This summer I feel like an old canvas tool bag - all the bits rattling around inside!  I've got niggling aches and pains everywhere, and I even had to take 9 days complete rest 3 weeks ago with a groin strain.

Here's what I'm thinking.  I think that, despite the fact that I've been running with better poise for almost 22 months, 20 months of that was at 8min/mile 5min/km pace.  Now I'm asking it to run fast, using new soft tissue (and some remodelled bones especially in the feet) and so naturally it's complaining a bit

I've always said that middle distance running is a different sport to 5k+ running, and these niggles are supporting that theory.  (Sprinting is different again.... more like weight lifting than running!)

So, my conclusion is that I will actually go faster next year!  I know that sounds crazy, but by summer 2018 I will have a full summer speed season under my belt, and I'm convinced that the soft tissues will be happier about what's happening to them, because they will have done it before

2017 is like I'm a beginner again, and I'm expecting this beginner to run very fast indeed!

In other news, it's the British Masters' T&F Championships (outdoor) this weekend, and I'm just running in the 800m on Sunday.  Wish me luck!