Monday, 31 August 2015

31st Aug 2015

11.5km run over Isle of Wight downs
Held the style all the time - very happy

Heavy shoes though - not ready for the minimalists yet! And certainly not at 11.5km!

However, it does take a long time to warm up with the style.
And during the first couple of km, I notice that if I stop and stretch or walk, its easier to restart in the correct style

Even if its just to stop to let a dog walker by on a narrow path for example.  I met about 4 dog walkers, and either slowed or stopped.  Each time it was easier to get going again.

And I do see in the book that Keith does say that warming up to the right style takes a bit longer.

I did notice that my super-supporting Asics Kayanos are now influencing my style - it's harder to hold the right style, although not impossible

My calves are not aching so much, already.