Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I thought I would post a slightly more positive post, as tonight I ran 4x400m, with the first at 3:15/km pace, the second and third at 3:00/km pace, and the last rep at 2:45/km pace.

The following video is at 02:45/km pace, and much better form than the 2:15/km pace, in the last post, from 3 days ago.

In this video, I've frozen the video for 2 seconds at the point of landing fully (foot fully loaded).

I think that the landing is better.  The hips are certainly collapsing less.  And the torso is not bent.

And somehow, the leading leg seems to advance under the body at a nice angle, but then straighten up too much before landing.  Perhaps some strides might help with that??

I think that I could still land a little later, but this is only my third session at this pace, so I have time and room to improve yet.


Thanks for reading :)