Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st Sep 2015

Planned a 3x300m speed session with Jon &  Jim, in prep for the final 800m race of the season next Sunday

But before the session, did a Bateman warm up - 5 or 6 x Keith Game Changer

Bare feet for the game changer reps warm up

On the basis that this is a faster warm up.  Did feel very good.  The style is getting there now.


3x300m session starts, put spikes on.

In the first of the 300m speed rep, the gait totally fell apart - I could feel myself over reaching after 100m

But at least I can feel it happening now - at least I'm aware of it

It's difficult to snap out of it, and impose the right style again

I guess that's why Keith recommends stopping running and starting again from scratch (page 40)

But as I was trying to keep up with Jim & Jon, I could feel the bad habits coming back

It's difficult not to at these speeds

I did however, hold style better in the second two reps

Especially the third on in the final 100m, felt very good.

I think that I'm going to have to do a Keith Game Changer session at least once a week, over perhaps 150m, and hold the style religiously!!!

Bare feet stride on the track before hand - you can really feel if there's a "scuff" on landing or taken off.

That'll need some getting used to.  No impact though.  Plenty of "come on Zola Budd" comments from friends though!