Friday, 4 March 2016

Another post about nutrition

I'm 2 months into low carb now (see my first thoughts on the topic, then my one other post dedicated to nutrition).  My three week findings still hold, only the benefits are now greater.

So, it was with great satisfaction that I returned this morning from a 28.4km run, with energy to spare.  This run was fueled by a pre-run pear, apple, fistful of spinach and a cup of coffee.

There was still pain there - but unlike my carb-fueled days, the pain did not precede hitting the wall - I suspect it's more a result of impact damage (I ran in minimalist Merrell Glove shoes)

I am also still finding that recovery from long runs is much quicker (I ran an all-road 10 miler/16km yesterday lunchtime) and I am finding that my energy during long runs is much more evenly released.  There are no highs and lows, just steady energy levels.  Furthermore, I would usually have found that I went light-headed as the glycogen from my liver is recruited, but this didn't happen either.

Martin Yelling summed it up perfectly on this week's Marathon Talk podcast (issue 321) when he complained that he can't get his glycogen to last more than an hour.  That was me until this year!!  I would drop off a cliff at about 60 to 70 mins.  Now I laugh at a mere hour of running!!

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