Monday, 29 February 2016

Good news.

In a pattern that, I hope, is following Heidi Jones (co-Author of Older Yet faster), having embedded the new running style, my pace is quickening steadily.

So, you may have read my previous post, about mastering good style, using the drills and cues contained in the book, then starting to pile on some miles.  In the post I pointed out that I'd just finished a 51 mile week.  All those easy miles gave me an extended amount of time to think about the style, and to concentrate on maintaining the style whilst getting fatigued.

Well, a week later, and my Saturday morning parkrun time has dipped considerably.  The course at Moors Valley is reasonably quick for hard pack gravel, but I was enjoying myself, a little chat in the first 1km, and greeting the volunteers at every corner.  So I reckon there's a sub 18 on a tarmac course, and if I concentrate!!

The point is, that now I'm happy with my new style, and now that I've achieved one high-ish mileage week, which has further embedded the style, the speed appears to be returning.

My aim is a sub 17min 5km this summer.  I only managed a 17:02 last year, but a 16:44 in 2014 on my old overstriding style!!

I know what Keith would say, but I shall keep my target to a modest 16:59 for now!!!!!!

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  1. Great work - Now your brain is corrupted (in a good way) all you will think about is landing balanced and constantly adjusting until it's as perfect as possible each landing. the muscles will build accordingly - you'll get a tight arse! the only problems you should get are foot and calf from trauma but even stepping down a hole in good form is usually fine. You'll continue to perfect and strengthen - the sky's the limit - great job :-) See you summer (yours) 2017 for a blast on the track