Sunday, 24 January 2016

I'm very happy that I have a new iPhone 6 with the 250fps slllllloooooowwwww motion!!  Courtesy of my employer.

This means that, finally, I can get some good quality footage.

Remembering that my first attempt was of a spec, running past in the distance (well, not quite, but you get the picture)

I've bought one of these (Although at seven of our English pounds, I remain skeptical about it's capabilities).  I'm going to affix to the bike, oriented sideways, and get someone (Jon, probably) to cycle next to me down the home straight.
This wonderful event will occur next Saturday (30 Jan 2016), unless it's cold, raining, icy, snowing, hail-storming, or otherwise detrimental to the health of my new toy.  I mean phone.


  1. Hi David - good to see you back - I missed your posting until now as I was checking an old link :-( Looking good and very close but I reckon you are slightly lifting your knee and that is shifting your foot forward/balance back slightly. Only a tad but it's enough for you to loose that beautiful recoil you'll get when it's 100%. It's just fine tuning but I have found this can make a 10% difference.

  2. See next post - the handlebar bracket didn't work as the 240fps camera is badly upset by the vibrations. I think there might be some image stabalisation that's going on, and it's probably designed for the typical movement of the human hand, not a 30 year old mountain bike with no suspension!