Sunday, 24 January 2016

I ran a long run today!  My first long run since last April/May, 2015.

My neighbour is fast turning into a competent ultra runner - he ran the 104km IoW Ultra last May, and has plans for races much, much longer.  But I've still got him on speed, and we're quite evenly matched on a Sunday 10 mile training run.

Anyway, the key points from this run were that:

  1. despite the 5 weeks out due to the stress fractured toe, I have maintained my style.  at least I think I have: it will take some filming to confirm.  But interestingly, I feel that coming back after a break means that my muscle memory is left with the good style that I'd achieved before the break
  2. I'm straight back on the minimal shoes.  Well, there is the one pair of 3mm thick Vivobarefoots which I haven't dared put back on yet.  But almost all other runs have been NB Minimus, Merrell Trail Glove (both about 5mm sole, no drop), or XC spikes.  BUT, I have been careful that almost all my running in the past 2 weeks since returning, has been off road.
  3. I'm not sold yet, and it could be just psychosomatic (is that a word?) but I've been low carb for 2 weeks now, and at the end of today's 11 mile, 1hr48 run, I still had plenty of energy left, despite not consuming anything other than a cup of coffee before we set out.  This is unheard of!!  I would normally be passing out after 3 miles without a ton of carbs!!  I'll keep you posted on this one, though!

So there's now one week left to January.  I've been running the Bateman style for 5 months, but with a 4 week break.  I feel that I've got the right queues at a 5:00/km pace.  So there are two aspects to work on now.

The first is to make sure that the style is ingrained at speed.  This should be relatively easy
The second is to make sure that the style is ingrained at distance, ie tired.  This may not be so easy.

We'll see!

The pic below is stolen, and now I can't find where from to attribute it, but thanks anyway, kind outdoor-type person...  It's a view very similar to the mist of this morning, from one of the paths.  This is Farley Mount in Hampshire.

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