Friday, 23 October 2015


I took some footage - her are just 4 clips from about 12

Each clip has one or two real time passes, followed by a 20% speed slow motion.

Barefoot, steady, about 5:30/km, possibly 5:15/km

Barefoot, about 4:30/km

Vivobarefoot Stealth, about 4:30/km

Vivobarefoot Stealth, about 3:00/km


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  2. Looking good. It's getting really close to spot-on isn't it. Just refinement and strength now. The 5:30/km looked a bit forced - it seemed as if you were lifting the knee a little and that leaves your hips just a tad behind - on some landings. But 5:30 isn't an efficient speed so just an observation and on average it's starting to look damn good. The others look better - really need to take a closer look (which means it's pretty good) - if should feel smooth/balanced and I think it getting very close to that. :-) Great job!

    1. Thanks so much. Interestingly, Eric (UK National Junior Jumps Coach) was watching from afar, and, (after politely asking if I was open to comment which of course from such a high quality coach I am!) and said that I was lifting too much (especially on take off) - we decided it was the camera forcing an exaggeration, so I eased off a bit! It then felt much more like my recent form.

      I've just been reading the section about the treadmill again, and so I think next will be some footage from there.

      I also filmed some drills the other day, so I'll put them up too!

      Thanks again.

    2. Agreed - do not lift or swing the legs at all - don't lift knees - the knees will rise as the leg folds as it catches up - faster or an acceleration will result in the foot rising higher at the back and the knee therefore rising higher at the front. Lifting the knees will not create good form but will actually make the foot land in front. A good demonstration of this is while running at speed, start lifting the knees as see how you slow down :-) That high knees/butt kicks/heel-to-hamstring drill is to learn forward/aft balance (and to activate everything too)

  3. Looking great, David!

    Meanwhile, and much further back, I am just completing my first week of the OyF journey. Feeling new aches in the glutes, hamstrings and arches. Have not seen myself on video yet - hopefully we can get down to the track together to rectify that.


    1. Hi Adrian. Keep at it! The first week felt quite easy, thereafter the aches kick in a little more. But after 12 weeks or so, I feel much free-er now. Not all the aches have gone yet, but there's 35 years of history to get over, and I always have a couple of days off if I think an ache will turn into something more. My desire to improve is as strong as ever - so keep it going too!

    2. Pains in all the right places Adrian - take it easy.
      Technique easily trumps everything else - once the tech is good everything else follows :-)