Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A couple more videos, 

Here are a couple of drills from the book.  At the start of each drill (and mid-run sometimes too) I like to raise my arms to check my posture.  One of the best bits of advice from the book is to simulate reaching up as high as possible.  You'll see this at the start of each drill.

In this clip are a mixture of drills, particularly "Keith's Game Changer"
In the first clip, I experiment with the bum flicks, leaning forward, standing upright, leaning forward once more.
The second is more of the same
The third is some high knees

In this video, I take a trip down memory lane, and demonstrate how not to do it, in shoes you shouldn't be wearing!


  1. Looking great, David! Great tip about reaching up to secure that strong, balanced, upright posture.

  2. If I feel my posture is slipping mid-run, I slow a little and reach up, and it quickly and easily sorts things out. If anyone's watching, they probably think "sad git - he's pretending he's won a race or something"!!