Saturday, 19 September 2015

19th Sep 2015

Four weeks into the 'programme', the following thoughts have surfaced:
  1. Running this style is starting to become subconscious.  I say 'starting', because I still find myself checking style all the time (not too onerous as runs are still only 5k or less). Also, I haven't properly raced yet, and under pressure, fatigue, or longer run, there will be times when I need to think about something else.  I'm just waiting to see, when this happens, if the style reverts to the bad old way.  I did an experiment yesterday, and ran for 10 meters deliberately with bent torso, hunched back and dropping hips.  I was in padded shoes.  It felt easy, but lazy.  There was also a noticeable drop in speed, and that "float" that Keith talks about disappeared.
  2. It's occurred to me that, as all my runs are now at 4:45/km to 4:55/km pace, I'm going to become an excellent 4:45/km runner.  This is not my aim!  But I feel that 4 weeks into the programme (with interruptions) I still feel quite new to this, so I am being patient.
Other notes for now:
  • I'm still alternating padded support shoes (Asics Kayano) and minimal shoes.
  • The barefoot in the park is not quite so attractive at the moment as the temperature has dropped to 12 degrees C
  • I still plan on doing weighted squats but only up to 30kg - this really helped my recoveries last winter/spring, so want to keep it up.  I know that Keith says not to, or at least that it won't really help, but even if it's a placebo, I'm going to keep it going
  • I'm doing a couple of planks a day now, but I've only got up to 45s so far!!!
So the plan for the next week is:
  • 5.5km race tomorrow - not ideal, but it's the South of England Road Relays and I can't let the team down.  I'm not going to wear minimal shoes, but my usual racing flats. I will concentrate on style, perhaps get someone to iphone video me near the beginning and the end.
  • Start to introduce some fartlek - just 50m strides - into the runs.  Not with the aim of getting faster, but just to learn what it feels like, feel for foot slip at take off (and landing) and to see what I learn.

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