Saturday, 8 August 2015

I'm at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon as I write this - 8th Aug 2015.  It's 30 degrees Celsius outside.

There were 80 athletes entered in the 800m competition in the male 45-50 category.

I've won my heat - that felt great.  But I got knocked out of the semi final, so I don't get to compete in the final.  That won't happen next time, I promise!

I've read most of Keith and Heidi's book here in Lyon.

Started thrusting hips up during warm up and cool down, and in recovery runs.

Feels good because I know it looks good!!

But makes calves ache

But... my bog standard 5km recovery run is about 20s/km faster without even trying! Huh?!!


  1. Great stuff. Not sure about "thrusting the hips forward" though - subtle re-balancing might be more the way i would put it :-)

  2. Sounds like you are getting the idea though - sore calf muscles = using them - be careful, cut back. More speed is normal too :-)