Friday, 28 August 2015

Back in the UK - and cooler temperatures of late summer.

Decided to do "Lesson five - Keith's game changer", so re-read this section just before the run.

1.7k warm up to local park in my usual heavy shoes - Asics Kayanos.

Took running spikes, but went bare foot. Felt fantastic!  Warm, just shorts and vest.

Started with standing up straight, then butt kicks
But couldn't get the idea of landing behind the hips?  Seemed to land under the hips right from the get go.

Leant forward slightly, started moving forward, like gently moving forward an aircraft throttle!

All the time I though "I'll put my spikes on next time"
But it didn't happen!  Just kept doing one more in bare feet!
Then started running forward by lifting the knees and thrusting the hips forward more
Felt very balanced.

The best feeling was just thrusting UP with the legs, then leaning forward to induce forward movement, leaning back to halt!! 

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  1. Comment. Never lift the knees😊that makes you lean back.but rest is looking good.