Friday, 19 May 2017

A brief update..

Winter base training ended, first week of April, with a stunning 20 mile race around the Berkshire countryside near Compton.

I enjoyed a few weeks of racing - a 10k, a couple of parkruns, and my favourite race of all time, the, err, hilly, 8 mile, West Wight Three Hills on the Isle of Wight.  A handful of tempo runs, plenty of Keith Bateman drills, and style-conscious striding barefoot in the local park made up the bulk of the training during this period.  Ordinarily, this phase should last 6 to 8 weeks, but I'm targeting a June to July t&f season, so it had to be cut short.

On Saturday 29th April, I opened my SPEED account for the year, with an 8x200m off 200m jog session with Jon Tilt and his Saturday Breakfast Club.  The aim is to have a month of speed training, to be ready for the June & July peak.

However, as an early season tester, I raced 800m, outdoors, for the first time this 2017 summer season at the weekend (13th May), after just two weeks of speed training.

I was very pleased with the race, which was at the Hampshire County Championships 800m.  Thankfully there were a few "youngsters" (lads in their 20s and 30s!) to pull me round, for a very pleasing 2:06.54.  It was a windy race, and I had to put a spurt in from 500 to 600m to get in behind the guy in front before the wind hit, meaning that from 600m to 800m I was absolutely swimming in lactic!

But I was pleased that the gait style is coming on well at these speeds.  This picture is at 680m, as the pinnacle of lactic was washing through me!

(...still need to work on those arms though!)

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