Sunday, 12 February 2017

Apologies for such a gap between posts. The journey is not yet done - there are still highs and lows.

At the end of November, I'd hit my third ever fastest 10 mile.  And everything was good.

On Christmas eve I had some even greater success, hitting my equal fastest time for a road 5km.  I last hit 16:37 in 2008 as a V40, and I repeated the time in Poole on 24th Dec.

The picture below shows that there is still more improvement to come.  This was taken (thanks Ellie) in the last 700m, and I can say that I was feeling very tired!

For a few days before, I'd had a little niggle, not painful, in the top of my right foot.  A couple of days after the race, this became gradually more painful, and felt exactly like the fractured/badly stressed metatarsal exactly a year before.

I missed out 4 weeks' training - still raced a couple of times as it was off road, and I didn't ant to let the team down.  But sooner than the pain had come on, it was gone, which all but confirms that it was skeletal as it went more suddenly than muscular or ligament damage would do.

Anyway, I am back on full training now, and aiming at the British Masters national indoor t&f champs on 11th/12th March, where I shall have a pop at the 800m on the Sunday afternoon.

I've had some other thoughts about progress in general, and I shall capture them within the next week.

Bye for now

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