Sunday, 20 November 2016

...just for fun...

Anyone who's had the misfortune to be subjected to my ramblings will know that I joke that anything over 1500m is a fun run.  So today I ran the Gosport Half Marathon.  As it happens, this was the venue of my all time personal best about 9 or 10 years ago, before I re-set as an 800m runner.

The race rounded off a 90 mile training block over the last 9 days, so I really was expecting to be tired.  And the 15+mph wind wasn't going to help either.

On the day, a 1:25:27, I bagged my fastest half marathon time since September 2009.  Not unhappy with that!

Makes me think the changes are working!


  1. Congratulations David! 85 minutes as part of a 90 mile training block and in the wind is remarkable. Glad that the changes are working.

  2. Thanks Adrian. What updates from you?