Monday, 5 October 2015

Ugh, I'm making a lot of mistakes - all down to being somewhat over-keen!

It makes me feel like a beginner, and that's quite fun.

Today I ran 5k barefoot, on our athletics track (the one you ran on when you visited Southampton, Keith!).  Felt great, but for the last 1 or 2 km, I knew that I was being over ambitious and should have stopped.

I was right about the long wet grass making my feet feel cold - I had no such problems, even though the track was quite wet.

However, I now have two blisters, both on the left foot, one under the first metatarsal, and one under the 5th!  Not large enough to stop me running, but enough that I know they're there!

I haven't had blisters on my feet in more than 10 years!

I was also running with one of the UK's top coaches, who has also read the Older Yet Faster book - Peter Haynes.  We were having a great chat about his athletes and other running topics, which possibly distracted me from thinking about what my feet were feeling.

More to the point, it was also distracting me from thinking about style, so I am chalking this session up to a foot-strengthening-session.  and have vowed to concentrate better in the future.


  1. That's a long way first time on a track! On one foot means something different on one foot - It might even be the fact that you were going in circles and the inside leg will presumably land harder? Not fully thought that through. Keep up the good work - about time for a video, I think :-) taken from the right hand side at 90 degrees :-)

  2. I knew I had misbehaved as soon as I looked down and saw the distance on my watch. I blame Pete (Haynes), as we were having such a good chat about the Older Yet Faster book! And about his athletes who have had another excellent year.