Friday, 25 September 2015

The spikey balls arrived! 

What a difference.  I've been rolling the foot over a tennis ball for a few days now.  I can really find the pressure points, particularly in the foot where there's a little bit of Plantar Fasciitis lurking.  However, the effects are limited - and short lived.

However, after the first use of the spiked ball, all traces of pain disappeared!  Not forever, it does creep back after half an hour or so, depending on what you are doing.  But it's clearly more effective than the tennis ball.

I awoke this morning with no hint of the problem.  I rolled in the car on the way to work (automatic car, pain in the left foot, checked clearance of the pedals over the ball for safety sake!!).  However, in stiff shoes, over a tarmac car park, I was aware of pain within 50m walk from the car.  But it wasn't immediate.  Just a reminder to take things steady.

This does beg the question, (Heidi!), can one roll too much?  My car commute is an hour each way, on steady moving motorway, and I can roll for at least 50 mins of that time.

I did have one other question if that's ok.  The book talks about a steady start (beginner programme), and about from a starting point of structured shoes, first moving to neutral, then minimal, alternating between shoes during the journey.  Does "alternate your shoes" also mean "alternate your style"?  Because when I put on my padded/structured Kayanos, I can still maintain the new style, concentrating on hips forward, torso upright, not landing infront of hips.  Or, with the old shoes on, should I also let my hips drop to take advantage of the padding in the shoe?  Thanks guys!!

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  1. As little technique change as possible - the best way to get great form is to go only barefoot on grass and build up the distance. Shoes will affect your technique so the less shoe the better. The alternating shoes is a way of reducing the stress on the calfs and Achilles as you re-build strength in long-ignored areas. It's for those who really feel they HAVE to run longer but it's not ideal. So no, try to hold your form at all times - but it will be more difficult in shoes. And the more the shoes the harder it is - Kayanos = impossible, find a bin! I will ask Heidi about the spiky ball - never heard of anyone overdoing it but a couple of times a day with the Spiky ball I would think is sufficient :-)