Thursday, 17 September 2015

2nd Sep 2015

Try this, right:

Warm up, get to some grass, and take your heavy shoes off.

Do 5 or 6 Keith Game Changers, each easing into a fast stride out of about 50 to 80 meters.  You only need about 30 seconds between each effort.

Now put your shoes back on, and try one more Keith Game Changer, easing into 50m stride!!!!!

That blew me away!  It felt like I couldn't move my feet once I'd put the shoes back on - it felt like trying to run in wellies.  It made me wonder how on earth I ever ran with shoes that heavy on the end of my legs!

I am, however, conscious that I'm deliberately holding back my neck and head - almost to the point of causing a double chin!  My neck aches, and in fact there's no way that I could hold that shape for more than a few hundred meters.

It's also weird, but pleasing, that I don't see my feet on runs any more!!!

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  1. Okay: You shouldn't have to hold back your head - it should be on top of your shoulders, above your hips and your feet every landing. I suspect you were throwing your leg in front quite a way before - the two go together. So if it works for you as a mental trick, fine, but shouldn't be necessary. Try the Game-changer and continue into the run but slower. In the Game-changer, when at constant speed feel the whole foot landing in an instant - give those a go :-)